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Tourists harassed by traffic police: Goa Deputy Speaker

Panaji, Goa Assembly Deputy Speaker Michael Lobo on Monday accused the traffic police of "harassing" tourists in the state, especially in its coastal belt.

Monsoon snacking recipes

Dont just stick to tea and 'pakoras when the rain clouds gather. Add variety to your monsoon snack list, say experts.

A lake, forests, mountains...Pokhara has many delights (Travelogue)

Standing by a lake, with forested hills on one side and snow-capped Himalayan peaks on the other, was an unforgettable moment for me in Pokhara, the picturesque Nepalese city that is arguably its tourism capital.

Designer to show 'demonetisation' themed line at fashion week

Hyderabad-based designer Althea Krishna is excited to present her collection titled "Demonetisation" at Hyderabad Sailing Week on Saturday.

Apply chocolate for skin enrichment

Not only is eating chocolates good for your body, applying it to your skin, face or body can provide a lot of benefits as well for better and smoother skin tone, suggest experts. So what can be a better day than World Chocolate Day -- that is being celebrated on Friday -- to start adding this delicacy in your diet religiously.

Take right care of your precious jewellery this monsoon

 Moisture levels hit a high during the monsoon season and while studded gold jewellery is more prone to scratches and dirt, it doesnt hurt to keep your prized possessions moisture-free as well. Keeping separate holders to putting silica packets are some of the ways of keeping these items safe during such weather.

Wonders of jojoba oil for skin, hair

 From treating burns to moisturising the scalp and strands -- there are a lot of skin care and hair related issues that jojoba oil can solve, say experts.

Time for men to bust beauty myths

The quest for looking fabulous is not just the domain of women as both the genders deserve to look their best. Amidst all the effective skincare routine, it is often difficult to tell the difference between the myths and facts, but fret not.

Restaurant Indian Accent to open in London

Indian restaurant Indian Accent will open doors in London.

Easy tips to beat monsoon wedding blues

Having a monsoon wedding? Avoid heavy fabrics like silk and velvet, stay away from extra bling and slip into flats or juttis, say experts.

Protect silver jewellery from humidity

NEW DELHI: The rainy season is quick to take away the sheen from silver jewellery owing to the reaction it undergoes while in contact with humidity and air pollutants. 

Get rid of skin problems in monsoon effectively

An oily and sweaty skin in monsoon attracts more dirt and chemical pollutants, leading to pimples and a rashy condition. Hence, daily cleansing and skin care with appropriate products is important in this weather, say experts.

Zumba presenter Maria Browning on 8-city tour in India

Zumba global brand ambassador Sucheta Pal and Miami-based Zumba international presenter Maria Browning will begin their eight-city tour in India from here on Wednesday.

Delhi, Mumbai to host kids fashion week

New Delhi: India Kids Fashion Week (IKFW) 2017 edition is set to take place here on July 29-30 and then travel to Mumbai on August 12-13.

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