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Study reveals mindfulness app may help address physician anxiety, burnout
Washington D.C. [USA], Apr 2 (ANI): Health professionals on the front lines face frightening realities, rising anxiety and the very real potential for burnout, as coronavirus cases continue to increase.
Study reveals breast density, microcalcifications, and masses may be heritable traits

Washington D.C. [USA], Apr 2 (ANI): Researchers who analysed a large Swedish cohort have revealed that breast density, microcalcifications, and masses are heritable features. They also noted that breast density and microcalcifications were positively associated with a genetic predisposition to breast cancer.

Study reveals ER caregivers' on-the-job emotions affect patient care
Washington D.C.[USA], Mar 31(ANI): According to a qualitative study led by researchers, doctors and nurses in emergency departments at four academic centres and four community hospitals reported a wide range of emotions triggered by patients, hospital resources and societal factors.
Study reveals social media makes it difficult to identify real news

Washington D.C. [USA], Mar 30 (ANI): In a recent study researchers found that people viewing a blend of news and entertainment on a social media site tended to pay less attention to the source of content they consumed - meaning they could easily mistake satire or fiction for real news.

When coronavirus cancelled their wedding, UK couple went ahead with onion rings
Washington D.C. [USA], Mar 30 (ANI): Even as the whole world deals with the unprecedented crisis triggered by coronavirus, a couple in England went ahead with exchanging rings, but in a rather unusual manner.
Risk of suicide decreases with increase in number of mental health visit
Ohio [USA], Mar 29 (ANI): Researchers after a new study have found that the risk of suicide is the highest among the youngsters that have mental health disorders like depression, schizophrenia, substance use, and bipolar disorder.
Study links verbal skills to better academic performance among young children
Washington D.C. [USA], Mar 29 (ANI): Brushing young children's language abilities can turn fruitful for their later academic performance throughout the school, suggests a recent study.
Study focuses on socially motivated behaviour in monkeys
Washington D.C. [USA], Mar 29 (ANI): Winning a free lunch at your favourite restaurant might not seem as great if another person won a million dollars, which shows how much we value an item is often related to what other people have. Considering the following fact, researchers have discovered a region of the brain that controls these kinds of behaviours in monkeys.
Plant-based diet can help manage asthma, high-fat foods may raise its risk
Washington D.C.[USA], Mar 29 (ANI): People who consume a plant-based diet are at lower risk of asthma, recent research suggests. At the same time, consumption of dairy products and high-fat foods raise the risk.
Place of origin likely to influence kids' behaviour
Washington D.C.[USA], Mar 29 (ANI): Negative emotions such as anger or frustration are more frequently observed in the infants who are from a rural family background than their urban counterparts, suggests a recent study. It has shown that babies who are born in big cities are less likely to be fussy and are not as bothered by the limits set by their caregivers.
A daily dose of aspirin does not mitigate dementia
Washington D.C. [USA], Mar 28 (ANI): According to a recent study taking a low-dose aspirin once a day does not reduce the risk of thinking and memory problems triggered by mild cognitive impairment or probable Alzheimer's disease, nor does it slow down the rate of cognitive decline.
An insight into ambulatory blood pressure monitoring in kidney disease patients
Washington D.C. [USA], Mar 28 (ANI): In a recent study researchers offer insights gained from ambulatory blood pressure monitoring, which is conducted while people go about their daily activities, including during sleep.
Regular hot tub bathing reduces risk of cardiovascular disease

Washington D.C. [USA], Mar 28 (ANI): According to new study taking a dip in hot tub on a regular basis is linked to a lower risk of death from heart disease and stroke.

Ralph Lauren pledges US$ 10 million to global coronavirus relief efforts
Washington D.C. [USA], Mar 27 (ANI): As the world grapples with the coronavirus crisis, designer Ralph Lauren and his company will be donating $10 million towards efforts to combat the disease.
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