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New modified wheat variety could help tackle global food shortage
Washington [US], November 26 (ANI): Researchers at the University of York have created a new modified wheat variety that increases grain production by up to 12 per cent.
Study finds memories of past events retain remarkable fidelity even as we age
Washington [US], November 25 (ANI): Scientists studying the complex relationship between ageing and memory have found that in a controlled experiment, people can remember the details about past events with a surprising 94 per cent accuracy, even accounting for age.
Neuroscientists find isolation provokes brain activity similar to that seen during hunger cravings
Massachusetts [US], November 24 (ANI): In a recent study, neuroscientists have found that the longings for social interaction felt during isolation are neurologically very similar to the food cravings people experience when hungry.
Study suggests Green Mediterranean ('green Med') diet may be better for health
Washington [US], November 24 (ANI): While the plant-based diet called - the Mediterranean diet, has been proved helpful in preventing heart diseases and strokes, recent research has found that the Green Mediterranean ('green Med') diet containing even more plant matter and very little red meat or poultry, maybe even better for cardiovascular and metabolic health than the traditional version--at least in men.
Heterogeneous thinkers may possess quick decision-making: Study
Florida [US], November 22 (ANI): A recent mathematical indagation has come up with a new perspective claiming that a group of people with different information may possess better decision-making process than a group of people with homogenous thoughts.
Mangoes can be useful in reducing facial wrinkles in older women: Study
Washington [US], November 22 (ANI): A study published in the journal Nutrients by researchers at the University of California, Davis has come across wrinkle reduction feature of Ataulfo mangoes, commonly known as honey or Champagne mangoes that might prove to be potent for older women with fair skin.
Memories create 'fingerprints' that reveal how brain is organised
Washington [US], November 21 (ANI): While the broad architecture and organisation of the human brain is universal, new research shows how the differences between how people reimagine common scenarios can be observed in brain activity and quantified.
Government opens registration for IFFI 2021
New Delhi [India], November 19 (ANI): One of the most significant film festivals of India, International Film Festival of India (IFFI) has opened the registration for the event to be held in Goa between January 16-January 24, 2021.
Two-thirds of older adults say they won't treat their depression, finds study
Utah [US], November 16 (ANI): Nearly two-thirds (61 per cent) of Americans aged 65 or older who have concerns about having depression will not seek treatment according to a new nationwide poll, the GeneSight Mental Health Monitor.
Here's how maintaining healthy sleep pattern may help lower risk of heart failure
Dallas [US], November 16 (ANI): Adults with the healthiest sleep patterns had a 42 precent lower risk of heart failure regardless of other risk factors compared to adults with unhealthy sleep patterns, according to new research.
At Dallas airport, best technology-based smart bathrooms being introduced
Texas [US], November 15 (ANI): A new policy introduced by the Texas government for Dallas airport is of 'Smart Bathrooms', which is in consideration with the stark reminders of the novel COVID-19's enormous effects. These smart bathrooms will be the upgraded version of the bathrooms at the airports which will reflect one of the best uses of technology ever.
Children bullied in school are likely to develop violent behaviour in future: Study
Washington [US], November 15 (ANI): It is likely that the children who went through bullying in school, may develop a violent behaviour in later years of their lives, as per the findings of a new study led by scientists at the University of Cordoba and the University of Cambridge. They have collectively studied aspects related to violence, thus helping decrease its risks and prevent it.
Here's how you can celebrate a fun-filled cracker-free Diwali

New Delhi [India], November 14 (ANI): The most auspicious and happening festival of the year is here and people across the country are celebrating it in different ways.

This Diwali relish your family with special homemade thali
New Delhi [India], November 14 (ANI): One of the most auspicious festivals of India, Diwali is here and so is the time to savour delicious food.
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