Decoded: How Zika virus impairs foetal development

NEW YORK: Zika virus disrupts oxygen supply to a pregnant woman's placenta, leading to impairment in foetal development and also increases the newborns' susceptibility to additional infections, scientists have found.

Memory loss from West Nile virus may be preventable

CHICAGO: The neurological problems persisting in people who survive brain infection with West Nile virus may be due to unresolved inflammation that hinders the brain's ability to repair damaged neurons and grow new ones, a new study has found.

Microsoft ties up with Adaptive Biotechnologies to enhance diagnosis

WASHINGTON: Technology giant Microsoft has partnered with Adaptive Biotechnologies to map the genetics of the human immune system, to improve diagnoses of cancers and other diseases.

Vitamin C can enhance tuberculosis treatment

New York: For people suffering from tuberculosis (TB), including foods rich in Vitamin C such as bell peppers, dark leafy greens, broccoli, kiwifruit, berries and oranges in the diet along with regular medication can enhance treatment and enable a faster recovery, suggests a study.

This organ-on-a-chip device may improve heart disease treatment

Singapore: Researchers have developed an organ-on-a-chip device that can mimic the functions of human heart and help researchers better understand atherosclerosis -- the constriction of blood vessels -- the leading cause of heart attacks and strokes.

Playing outdoor games could boost your kid's eyesight

London: Worried that your kid's eyesight might deteriorate because of endless hours spent on smartphones, gaming consoles, computers and tablets? Take heart, spending just two hours a day outdoors, playing any sport in the sunlight, might help, experts suggest.

Tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle in winter

New Delhi: The onset of winters can prove to be a health hazard if you are not following a nutritious diet, and a balanced lifestyle. So make sure you are getting right nutrition this chilly season.

Decoded: Where voice recognition occurs in our brain

LONDON:  Scientists have identified a tiny region of our brain that not only allow us to recognise voices, but also helps us differentiate voices.

Eating apples, tomatoes may heal lungs of ex-smokers

New York:Feeling worried over the lung damage caused by smoking? Take heart, eating more than two tomatoes or more than three portions of fresh fruits, especially apples, daily may help restore the damage.

Eating salads daily may keep your brain 11 years younger

New York:Eating one to two servings of salad with spinach, lettuce and kale daily may keep your brain 11 years younger as well as prevent dementia, according to a study.

Unmarried people with heart disease face higher risk of death

NEW YORK: If you often get nostalgic thinking about the joys you had when you were single, new research suggests that being married also has its merits. Researchers have found that unmarried heart patients face higher risk of death.

Here's how to boost your child's memory, attention

London:Are your students unable to concentrate and retain their lessons at school? Take heart. Just 15 minutes of break with a run or walk activity at their own pace, may help improve their memory and attention span, finds a study.

Social isolation might raise diabetes risk

LONDON: Men and women who are not active socially and remain isolated may be at an increased risk of developing diabetes than individuals with larger social networks, a study has found.

How to keep your digestion healthy during the wedding season

New Delhi: Who doesnt love the wedding season and all the beautiful ensembles, gala festivities and lively cheer that it comes with? But amidst all this, one must not forget that the indulgent food and drinks during this time can seriously affect digestion. However few easy ways can protect your body and its digestive functions.

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