Computer brain training may cut dementia risk by 29%

NEW YORK: A computer brain training exercise designed to improve the speed and accuracy of visual attention can help seniors reduce the risk of dementia by nearly a third, suggest results of a 10-year study.

Anti-malaria drug could fight Zika virus

NEW YORK: A medication used to prevent and treat malaria has the potential to fight the deadly Zika virus, new research has found.

Energy drinks may affect mental health, up blood pressure

NEW YORK:  Are you in the habit of taking energy drinks that are commonly known to provide instant mental and physical stimulation. Beware, their short-term benefits can be outweighed by increased risk of serious issues affecting mental health, blood pressure and obesity, a new study reveals.

Blood type may indicate heart attack risk from pollution

NEW YORK:  If you have A, B, or AB blood type, you might be more at risk of suffering a heart attack during periods of significant air pollution, than those with the O blood type, finds a new research.

Pahwa Hospital, Nawanshahr organises free check up camp

Nawanshahr: Medico couple, Dr. Jivtesh Singh Pahwa,(Gold Medalist) , Consultant Interventional Cardiologist and Dr. Jasleen Pahwa, MD(Medicine), Fellowship in Hepatology and Nephrology, organised Free Diabetes Check Up at Pahwa Hospital here  to mark the World Diabetes Day today.

Over 60% urban Indian women at risk of diabetes: Survey

BENGALURU: Over 60 per cent of urban Indian women do not follow a regular exercise regime, putting them at increased risk of diabetes, show results of a new survey.

Hold phone away from skin, hydrate to beat acne

NEW DELHI: It's easy to avoid skin problems like acne by taking simple precautions. Drink sufficient water everyday and keep your phone a little away from your face for starters, suggest experts.

Hair bleach chemical behind life on Earth: Study

SYDNEY:  A compound commonly used in hair bleach, hydrogen peroxide, made the eventual emergence of life on Earth possible, claims a study.

Black cumin is a powerful

Black cumin is a powerful natural healing tool that is widely used in folk medicine, mainly in the Arab countries. 

Alcohol may lead to insomnia in adolescents

NEW YORK: Are you in your early teens and have started drinking? Avoid doing so, as researchers claimed to have found that alcohol use among early adolescents may lead to insomnia.

Limit alcohol intake to cut cancer risk: Experts

NEW YORK:  Regular consumption of alcohol may significantly increase your risk of developing several cancers, experts have warned.

HIV patients at risk of both heart, kidney diseases: Study

SYDNEY:  HIV patients may also be at a greater risk of developing both heart and kidney diseases, finds a study that urges doctors to be more aware of additional risks associated with the human immunodeficiency virus infection.

Smoking, drinking may cause failures in dental fillings

NEW YORK:  Indulging in drinking alcohol or smoking may not only damage your teeth but also lead to increased incidences of failure in dental fillings, warned researchers.

Reflux drugs may up kidney disease risk

NEW YORK:  Regular use of drugs that are commonly used to treat heartburn, acid reflux and ulcers may increase the risk of kidney disease, a study has claimed.

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