Google to redesign mobile search with new interface
New Delhi [India], January 23 (ANI): The American multinational technology company Google is soon going to roll out a new design for its mobile search results. The tech giant is redesigning the search engine interface on mobile devices. The changes are intended to simplify how search results look.
Here's what PlayStation 5, XBOX Series X has in store for fans
New Delhi [India], January 22 (ANI): The game-fanatics have a reason to rejoice! For the first time ever, next-gen console owners can take their existing library, whether it's physical, digital, or a mix of the two, and bring it to a next-gen platform.
Google Calendar now available offline for limited users
Washington [US], January 22 (ANI): Tech giant Google is making one of its key apps available offline, for a limited set of users. The company announced that it has enabled 'offline' support for their web-based Google Calendar.
Samsung Display to mass-produce 90Hz OLED screens for laptops
Washington [US], January 21 (ANI): With the smartphone industry quickly evolving to higher refresh rate displays, Samsung Display announced on Thursday its plans to mass-produce the world's first 90Hz OLED screens designed for laptops.
Twitter makes Joe Biden's account start with zero followers
Washington [US], January 21 (ANI): The micro-blogging site, Twitter cleared out all followers from the @POTUS and @WhiteHouse accounts after US President Biden was sworn in on Wednesday, rather than moving the accounts' current followers over to the new administration.
Google's Chrome update helps users identify, change weak passwords
Washington [US], January 20 (ANI): With Chrome version 88, tech giant Google is stepping up the security game with additional features to its password protection that will let users know if they are not applying best security practices.
DC set to relaunch its mobile app to focus on comics
Washington [US], January 20 (ANI): DC is all set to shake up its comics app on January 21 and will be relaunching it as DC Universe Infinite.
Apple TV Plus free trial to be extended to July 2021
Washington [US], January 19 (ANI): Tech giant Apple will extend the free trial subscription of Apple TV Plus. And the current members whose subscription was set to expire from now until June, have till July 2021 to enjoy their free subscription.
Scientists acquaint new methodology with improved treatment of brain tumours
Augusta (Georgia) [US], January 19 (ANI): Scientists of Medical College of Georgia claim that looking directly at the Ribonucleic acid (RNA) of brain tumour cells appears to provide objective, efficient evidence to better classify a tumour and the most effective treatments.
Study introduces new drug combination as ground-breaking treatment for AML
California [US], January 19 (ANI): A collaborative study by scientists of Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute and the University of Glasgow has identified two drugs that are potent against Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) and also administered how they effectively contribute to cancer cell death.
Scientists reveal mechanism that causes irritable bowel syndrome
Washington [US], January 19 (ANI): Researchers have identified the biological mechanism that explains why some people experience abdominal pain when they eat certain foods. The finding paves the way for more efficient treatment of irritable bowel syndrome and other food intolerances.
Green med diet cuts non-alcoholic fatty liver disease by half: Study
Beer-Sheva [Israel], January 19 (ANI): A green Mediterranean (MED) diet reduces intrahepatic fat more than other healthy diets and cuts non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) in half, according to a long-term clinical intervention trial.
Study explains why some people report 'hearing the dead'
Washington [US], January 19 (ANI): A study led by Durham University might explain why some people and not others eventually adopt spiritualist beliefs and engage in the practice of "hearing the dead."
Facebook to use AI in predicting if COVID-19 patients need better healthcare
Washington [US], January 19 (ANI): American social media giant Facebook is publishing a research conducted by its artificial intelligence (AI) unit in an effort to help healthcare providers predict in advance if a COVID-19 patient may need more intensive care solutions and adjust resources accordingly.
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