LG adds Amazon Alexa support to hotel TVs for a personalised experience
California [USA], June 19 (ANI): At the ongoing Hospitality Industry Technology Exposition and Conference 2019, LG and Amazon announced the support for Alexa in hotel TVs for the enhanced guest experience.
Vedantu launches Wave, India's first online live interactive learning platform
New Delhi [India], June 19 (ANI): Live interactive online tutoring company Vedantu has launched a new platform called Wave, touted as India's first online live interactive learning platform.
Google Chrome 75 adds protection from deceptive sites
California [USA], June 19 (ANI): To prevent users from falling prey to websites which look genuine but are instead a trap for malicious activities, Google Chrome has announced two new features for enhanced security.
Twitter removes precise location tagging in tweets
Washington [USA], June 19 (ANI): Twitter has announced that it is removing the ability to tag precise location tagging in tweets.
Twitter removes precise location tagging in tweets
Washington [USA], June 19 (ANI): Twitter has announced that it is removing the ability to tag precise location tagging in tweets.
YouTube adds new AR feature to help you pick lipstick while watching beauty vloggers
California [USA], June 19 (ANI): Not sure if the lipstick shade your favourite YouTube beauty vlogger is wearing will suit you? The video platform is offering a new feature to help you out.
How is unrecycled plastic affecting environment?
Washington D.C. [USA], June 18 (ANI): Recycling plastic waste can significantly help the environment. But how much of the plastic we use is being recycled and in the right way? How much of it is ending up in the environment or landfills and are causing newer problems that are difficult to fix?
Your next Domino's Pizza might arrive in a self-driving car
Michigan [USA], June 17 (ANI): Domino's Pizza is reportedly working on deploying mini delivery vans to bring your favourite pizza at your doorstep at the end of the year.
Comcast users can now change channels with eye movements
Pennsylvania [USA], June 17 (ANI): Changing channels on your Comcast X1 will be truly hands-free as the company is adding eye control to its cable platform.
Instagram tests new in-app account recovery method
California [USA], June 17 (ANI): Facebook-owned Instagram is reportedly testing a new method within the app for recovery of accounts that have been hijacked.
This robot uses AI to identify objects by sight and touch
Massachusetts [USA], June 17 (ANI): Humans can identify objects even if they are blindfolded because of other enhanced senses such as touch or smell. Bringing similar capabilities to robots, researchers have now integrated AI into a KUKA robot arm to help it identify objects.
American Airlines equips its entire fleet with satellite-based Wi-Fi
Texas [USA], June 17 (ANI): The world's largest airline by fleet size, American Airlines has finished equipping its entire fleet with satellite-based broadband Wi-Fi to enable passengers to stay connected on-the-go.
Adobe builds new AI tool to help identify fake photoshopped images
California [USA], June 17 (ANI): Adobe has dozen of creator tools to help them make their imagination come alive. However, often these tools are misused to circulate false imagery or distorted content.
Squids could survive under climate change: Study
Washington DC [USA], June 17 (ANI): While climate change and increasing pollution continues to haunt human beings, squids have nothing to worry about.
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