Study links obesity to heavy periods, impaired womb repair
Edinburgh [Scotland], April 9 (ANI): Obesity is linked to heavier periods and may be caused by delayed repair of the womb lining, according to a study published in the Journal of Endocrinology.
Study on X-ray instrument recasts battery material's role from cathode to catalyst
Washington [US], April 9 (ANI): During a recent study, an international team of researchers used a unique X-ray instrument in order to learn new things about lithium-rich battery materials that have been the subject of many studies for their potential to extend the operation of electronic devices and the range of electric vehicles.
Facebook's Clubhouse rival app Hotline has started beta testing
Washington [US], April 9 (ANI): American technology conglomerate Facebook has now launched an experimental web app called Hotline as a part of its public beta test. The app allows users to speak to an audience, who can ask questions by text or audio.
Single-cell transcriptomic technologies advanced by new method
Oxford [UK], April 8 (ANI): Single-cell transcriptomics allows scientists to identify the genes that are active in each individual cell type, and discover how these genetic differences change cellular identity and function.
Researchers find reflecting sunlight could cool Earth's ecosystem
Minneapolis (Minnesota), [US], April 8 (ANI): Composed of climate scientists and ecologists from leading research universities internationally, a team of scientists found that more research is needed to understand the ecological impacts of solar radiation modification (SRM) technologies that reflect small amounts of sunlight back into space.
LG pledges to issue three years of Android updates despite exiting smartphone business
Washington [US], April 8 (ANI): South Korean multinational electronics company LG, which recently confirmed that it will be exiting the smartphone business, has announced a pledge to issue future Android OS updates to many of its smartphones, despite leaving the phone business altogether.
Amazon Music adds Car Mode with simplified interface
Washington [US], April 8 (ANI): The Amazon Music mobile application is making it easier for its users to use the app while driving.
Study sheds light on inequities in COVID-19 mortality across racial groups
Cambridge (Massachusetts) [US], April 6 (ANI): Black women are dying at significantly higher rates than white men, and that disparity in mortality rates among women of all races are greater than those between white women and white men. These are the findings of a new study led by Harvard University researchers.
Yahoo Answers shutting down on May 4
Washington [US], April 6 (ANI): It's time to bid adieu to one of the internet's favourite dinosaurs! Yahoo Answers, a digital platform where users posted public questions on different topics, is shutting down forever.
LG announces it's exiting the smartphone business
Washington [US], April 5 (ANI): South Korean multinational electronics company LG recently confirmed that it will be exiting the smartphone business. The company's existing phones will remain on sale, and it will continue to support its products "for a period of time which will vary by region."
Microsoft changes schedule for its annual Build conference
Washington [US], April 4 (ANI): American multinational technology company Microsoft recently updated its events website to reveal the dates of Microsoft Build 2021, which is its annual developer conference.
Decellularised spinach serves as edible platform for laboratory-grown meat
Washington [US], April 4 (ANI): During a recent study, Spinach, a cost-efficient and environmentally friendly scaffold provided an edible platform upon which a team of researchers grew meat cells, an advancement that may accelerate the development of cultured meat.
Low glucose levels might assist muscle repair, finds study
Tokyo [Japan], April 4 (ANI): A new study has revealed a new benefit of keeping sugar at bay. Researchers from Tokyo Metropolitan University have shown that skeletal muscle satellite cells, key players in muscle repair, proliferate better in low glucose environments.
Medical students studying Shakespeare may easily connect with patients: Study
Washington [US], April 4 (ANI): Studying Shakespeare's plays could help medical students connect more closely with their patients, suggest the findings of a recent study by a palliative care doctor.
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