Stimulating sports culture in India is the need of the hour - Atul Malikram

When we see or hear people all across the world praising and talking about India, we feel very proud. Whether it is cuisines, arts, culture, or sports- India has always proved itself to be the best. Especially in sports, India is making its recognition.

Summer breaks, hinders learning experiences of students - Atul Malikram

Summer is around the corner, and although new academic sessions have commenced in all the schools, students cannot wait for their summer vacations to begin. While the summer holidays are a fresh start for most students, they also have side effects that cannot be overlooked.

Unregulated Online Gambling Puts Consumers at Risk

Every once in a while a news article brings up the topic of tragic events in some way related to gambling addiction. The narrative may seem an urban tale to some, yet it is persistent as it is unproven in most cases. 

International Women's Day: Know history, and theme of this special day.

The day is celebrated for the cultural, political, socioeconomic achievements of women.The theme of the international women day 2022 is “ Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow” 

Why we need many more daughters like Savita

Recently, a 24-year-old Savita, a tribal girl from far-flung village of Chhatarpur district, daughter of a taxi driver, was celebrated on her homecoming with garlands and patriotic songs for being the first girl child from her village to join the Indian army.

“Focus on Dalit vote bank”, churns on 42 percent votes, BJP likely to bet on veterans in Punjab polls

For the first time, the Bharatiya Janata Party is contesting the elections in Punjab by separating from the Akali Dal. The party is all set to play the Dalit card to garner 32 per cent of Dalit votes in Punjab. if Dalit veteran leaders do not come into the fray from the BJP side in Doaba, then the party may have to face a lot of trouble.

In line with Fashion: The waves of fashion move fast and take the masses along. But where do they finally drop them?

The waves of fashion move fast and take the masses along. But where do they finally drop them?

Masters of Science and Arts : Man or nature ?

A Postgraduate degree in any discipline of Science or Arts grants one a certificate of Master of Science or Master of Arts in that discipline, instilling within a sense of pride holding that certificate

"Dil Bechara" : A Message of Humanity (A Tribute to Sushant Singh Rajput) by Saloni Chawla

 "Dil Bechara" is not just a film. It is that unseen side of life that goes ignored in the rat race of 21st century. It is the story of people whose lives are shattered; who are trying to survive by somehow joining those broken pieces of life together. They have dreams - big and small and try to fulfill them, obviously not in a sophisticated manner but even in a simple haphazard manner to the best of their ability. And they try to remain happy. No need to mention the captivating innocence and the par excellence acting of Sushant Singh Rajput.

A Road to Success: Afghanistan to India

Most of the kids imagine life as a bubbly affair, I too imagined my dream home full of fantasy mansion with a water slide, and a cosy bed, but actually it was not the same as I imagined. As I grow and get busy running on the working hamster wheel. I was ready for four walls and a roof where I can feel calmness and safety without stress, in pursuance

The Rise of New Positive Role Models for the Youth of Punjab

The Rise Of New Positive Role Models For The Youth Of Punjab When ‘dharti Maa’ (Mother earth: a concept held very dear to Punjabis) cried out in pain, her sons and daughters from the Punjabi singing industry stood up and relayed her plight.

Farmer protests put Punjab in economic crisis

 Expressing deep concern over the state of Punjab’s Economy and Industry in the wake of ongoing Economic & Rail Blockade because of agitation by Farmer organisations, CII has issued a fervent appeal to both the Centre and State Governments and also the Farmer organisations to come together and find an amicable solution to end this crisis.

What led to the surge of the euro to a new level?

UR/USD is one of the seven currency pairs that account for the bulk of the global forex market. Being a major reserve currency of nineteen nations, the euro is a prime currency and can control single-handedly the tides of the market. Usually in an economy, the currency strengthens when the economy is rising faster than inflation, in simple terms, there is a growth in GDP. 

Understanding Blockchain in simple terms

Blockchain, as its name suggests, is a chain of blocks (lists of records) linked through cryptography. Each block of the blockchain contains timestamp, data, and information of the previous block. Blockchains are much more secure than other record-keeping systems.

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