Market likely to trade soft then pick momentum in week ahead

Markets last week behaved more or less on expected lines, except for the fact that the correction actually happened on Friday instead of Wednesday. Readers would recall that Thursday was a holiday on account of Holi. What is significant is the fact that though markets fell on Friday, they ended with marginal gains for the week. The extent of the fall from the intra-day highs of Friday was even more significant.

Federal Reserve signals for Indian investments

The signalling at the Federal Reserve of the US meeting last week that no more interest rate hikes should be expected during 2019 has ramifications across the globe given the scale of the US economy and the importance of Federal Reserve policy to global investments. From the perspective of the Indian investment community, there are some crucial takeaways and the reiteration of a few existing trends.

Digital tools looking like democracy's nemesis

At the onset of the digital revolution, there was high expectation that digital communication technologies, especially the internet, will prove to be a boon to democracy. It was believed that the internet is a force for good.

Promoting Urdu but no Javed Akhtar?

The decision by The National Council For The Promotion Of The Urdu Language to use Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan and Katrina AKaif to promote the language has triggered off a wave of outrage.

What'll happen if BJP can't get a majority of its own

Although it is now almost certain that the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) - the group of parties led by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) - will attain a majority in the Lok Sabha in the forthcoming general elections, the question will nevertheless arise whether Narendra Modi will be the Prime Minister since the BJP itself is expected to fall short of a majority of its own.

Enhanced Saudi stakes in India will work better for Indian diplomacy

Indias relations with Saudi Arabia since 2006 is an example of a dynamic that has enmeshed diversified strategic orientations successfully. While strengthening historical sinews, New Delhis ties with Riyadh over the years, has been unaffected by Indias strident forays into new partnerships in West Asia.

Masood Azhar and China veto: What Modi can do now

Masood Azhar is a dangerous name. A global terrorist of Jaish-e-Mohammed (JEM) under the UN Resolution 1267.

Bengal, BJP and Mamata (Column: Political Calculus)

It was a different time and a different India.

India in the Islamic world

Amidst the ongoing repercussions of the punitive air strike made by the Indian Air Force to take out the training camp of Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) at Balakot in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan, the address of India's External Affairs Minister - Sushma Swaraj - at the Foreign Ministers conference of OIC at Abu Dhabi on March 1 was an event of extraordinary significance for the geopolitics of South Asia, the future of India-Pakistan relations and the so-called Islamic world itself.

'Permanent' capital: Vital differentiating factor for business

Global trends in money management and business efficiency are a useful guide to build and scale Indian businesses, especially to increase the efficiency of capital usage.

Why doesn't the Congress mention economic reforms?

Since there is a dreary sameness about the speeches of both Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi, the commencement of the elections will provide most people with the opportunity to not only vote for their favourite candidates, but also a respite from the political boasts and accusations.

Return of the political will

The successful strike made by a dozen Mirage 2000 jets of the Indian Air Force on Feb 26 to take out the biggest training camp of Jaish-e-Mohammed at Balakot in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan, in just about ten days after the terror attack on the CRPF at Pulwama, speaks as much of the decisiveness of the Modi regime on the national security front as of all that obviously went into that action by way of defence preparedness, functional consolidation of India's intelligence set-up and a comprehensive diplomatic reach out to the world by our Prime Minister himself on the issue of Pakistan-sponsored terror.

Cricket lovely cricket

The T20 format has brought a radical change in the way cricket is perceived and played at present. The art of stroke-play while batting has brought in innovative shots, showcasing how the game is progressing in all aspects. Corporates have followed two cardinal principles in creating a successful business. One being, "the customer is the king" and the other, "is that a customer is always right". Cricketers today have imbibed these mantras wonderfully well. They have realized the importance of playing to the gallery and the effect it would have in establishing them as a saleable and commercially viable brand. The corporate jargon of a "start-up" is very similar to a cricketer making his mark in the International world of cricket.

It's advantage Modi, but...

Considering that previous governments had backed away from a military response to terrorist provocations from Pakistan -- notably in November, 2008, when a Lashkar-e-Taiba suicide squad attacked Mumbai -- the raid by Indian jets on a Jaish-e-Muhammed terror camp in Pakistan has shown that India has dropped its policy of strategic restraint.

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