5 essential life-skills to equip your child for the real world

Have you ever wondered how independent your child actually is? Will your child be able to look after himself/herself if left alone for a while? Do you think your child is well-equipped with essential life skills to face the world?

India and Australia: Need to re-craft an old relationship

India-Australia relations are a classic example of unrealised potential and a tragic tale of consistently missing opportunities, despite multiple areas of strategic convergence and shared interests. It is almost as if apathy holds back both countries from trying to break new ground in a significant manner. This has been frustrating and disappointing.

Ray of hope as ozone layer recovery on track, world safer than in 1980s

Read this: "The world is falling apart. The future of humanity is hanging on a cliff, on the edge of catastrophe. But there still is hope and a window of opportunity to take action." That sounds like a stereotypical UN moralising rhetoric on climate change or loss of biodiversity.

Retail markets in India: Opportunities in a dynamic world

As the retail industry story unfolds in India, new strategies come to the fore. Recent news of Amazon acquiring a stake in Future Retail is an indication that the strategy will be differentiated given the nature of the market and consumption trends.

Don't frame government-RBI debate in terms of adversarial engagement

Media reports have portrayed the differences between the government and the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) as a face-off, or worse still, as attempts by the government to undermine the independence of the central bank.

Four years of Khattar government: Reforms boost affordable housing, infra poses challenge

The four-year report card of Haryana's Manohar Lal Khattar-led Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government is marked by significant developments in housing, particularly affordable housing. But the pace of infrastructure development leaves much to be desired.

Five tips to decision-making if you want to study abroad

Among the more important things we do in life is to take decisions. At a time of information overload, this can be particularly challenging. And yet, this is the time of year when students have to make up their minds on their future course of study. It is one of the most difficult and important decisions they would need to take and would, most certainly, impact them for the rest of their lives.

A Booker-like evening for Indian literati -- and the hypocrisy

The Whos Who of Indian literary circles assembled at a five-star hotel here earlier this week to attend the announcement of the winner of the inaugural edition of the JCB Prize for Literature -- conceptualised on the lines of the Man Booker Prize -- at a specially curated dinner. It was a saga steeped in hypocrisy.

Dhoni being dropped akin to MeToo fire in cricket board

The national cricket selectors sparked a bigger conflagration than the raging 'MeToo fire engulfing Indian Cricket Board CEO Rahul Johri by quietly sending a 'thank you note to Mahendra Singh Dhoni by dropping him from the Twenty20 squad.

Government on the backfoot in the CBI affair

It cannot but be politically embarrassing for the Narendra Modi government that the decision to send two squabbling Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) officials on leave by the Central Vigilance Commission (CVC), presumably at the government's behest, has barely passed muster in the Supreme Court.

Khashoggi, Saudi Crown Prince, Thomas Friedman and lamb kebabs

I interviewed Jamal Khashoggi in Jeddah in December 2001, months after 9/11. What struck me were his strong opinions on the Palestinian issue. Since US military action in Afghanistan, following the destruction of the twin towers in New York, was the big story, that naturally was the focus of my interview (it can be seen on www.saeednaqvi.com) but Palestine is what riled Khashoggi.

Society: Murder of poor souls

“ Nirbhaya, Asifa all cried, begged for mercy, pleaded for justice but no one pay heed and then their body gave up but still they watch them smiling, living their lives normally rather happily. Tear rolls down the cheek and mind wonders when this all will end...they took your life and still you watch from here that someday they will be punished for their sins? The mind does ask them that wait those beasts are sending another one like you here.”

Co-working spaces evolve into community-building centres

The co-working revolution has swept across the global business environment and announced itself as the future of work. While 2017 witnessed the absorption of more than 1.5 million sq ft by co-working spaces, CBRE group, the world's largest commercial real-estate services and investment firm, reported that the estimated space acquisition by 2020 is 10 million sq ft. With start-ups looking to cut down on operational costs and professionals opting to work out of places of convenience, the co-working space offers a win-win situation for everybody.

Life has changed but India's education system has not changed

The British system of education has been running from the 18th century in which Lord Macaulay had a plan to rule over India so he ended the ongoing education system that created the sense of love, harmony, fraternity and patriotism in the mind of every citizen so Lord Macaulay started a new education system that proved against Indian ancient education. This education system finished the basic creative knowledge and patriotism it proved only to produce clerk for the services of Britishers who ruled over India.

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