The Rise of New Positive Role Models for the Youth of Punjab

The Rise Of New Positive Role Models For The Youth Of Punjab When ‘dharti Maa’ (Mother earth: a concept held very dear to Punjabis) cried out in pain, her sons and daughters from the Punjabi singing industry stood up and relayed her plight.

Farmer protests put Punjab in economic crisis

 Expressing deep concern over the state of Punjab’s Economy and Industry in the wake of ongoing Economic & Rail Blockade because of agitation by Farmer organisations, CII has issued a fervent appeal to both the Centre and State Governments and also the Farmer organisations to come together and find an amicable solution to end this crisis.

How unbiased are your investing decisions: Twenty reasons for how they may be biased

The pricing of equity requires the weighing of long-term prospects of the organization represented by the stocks. Therefore, it seems rational to speculate that investors’ emotions and perceptions do influence the price of a stock. Two different persons may have different viewpoints on the prospects of the business.

What led to the surge of the euro to a new level?

UR/USD is one of the seven currency pairs that account for the bulk of the global forex market. Being a major reserve currency of nineteen nations, the euro is a prime currency and can control single-handedly the tides of the market. Usually in an economy, the currency strengthens when the economy is rising faster than inflation, in simple terms, there is a growth in GDP. 

Understanding Blockchain in simple terms

Blockchain, as its name suggests, is a chain of blocks (lists of records) linked through cryptography. Each block of the blockchain contains timestamp, data, and information of the previous block. Blockchains are much more secure than other record-keeping systems.

Right to choose and right to reject among Tribes

Let there be faithfulness to each other until death. This, in short, should be known as the highest duty of Husband and Wife. So let husband and wife ever strive doing all their duties; that they may no be separated from each other, wander apart.

Supplement your journey to fitness with Almonds, this National Day of Sports!

Every year, we celebrate National Day of Sports to honour and commemorate the spirit of legendary sportsperson, Major Dhyan Chand who is regarded as the nation's greatest hockey playerever. The day was instituted to educate India’s youth on the importance of being fit and healthy, by practicing sports and other physical activities.

Vocal for Local- Another JUMLA or Fundamental Master Stroke

Recently in an address to the nation our Worthy Prime Minister has given a new narrative to the nation and that was BE VOCAL ON LOCAL means that India should work towards being AATAMNIRBHAR. Now the First and Foremost question that arises is when PM took over the reigns of our Country the first thing that he came up with is MAKE-IN INDIA , precisely it was announced on 25.09.2014 .

Decline of education and research in private universities

 Educational institutions are very important for development of any nation but mushroom growth of private colleges and universities run by education mafia are instrumental to decline the standard of education and research. Government has handed over education in private hands without taking into consideration that it can adversely affect the standard of education and research.

Impact of Lockdown on Manufacturing Industry and its after effects

 The coronavirus outbreak is causing widespread concern and economic hardship for consumers, businesses, and communities across the globe.

Black Lives Matter: If we kill men...with whom will we live???

But when you say, Black Lives Matter (or the others) MORE than the lives of police officers, you are wrong.

More reforms required to unlock farm sector; ordinances welcome

The Union Cabinet has approved amendments to the Essential Commodities Act, 1955 to benefit farm sector and also two new ordinances aimed at freeing farm- trade from restrictions and put in place a legal framework to protect farmers’ interests when it comes to selling of their produce. These are: The Farmers’ Produce Trade and Commerce (Promotion and Facilitation) Ordinance, 2020 and The Farmers (Empowerment and Protection) Agreement on Price Assurance and Farm Services Ordinance, 2020.

India 2020: The story of marching millions

Despite the hazardous journey, these workers march on with nothing but faith in their hearts. Whenever the history is written, it will be the story of out marching millions. Nobody in our diverse and cultural rich country wants a reality check.

Bhushan Kumar's T-Series presents ‘Normal Days’!

Life in the lockdown world has been challenging and demanding on everyone. It has in all probability, left no human being untouched. Forced to live in conditions we have never experienced before, it has left us all thinking hard on the true essence of life. 

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