India needs to be more transparent in snow leopard conservation: US biologist

Cartagena (Colombia),  India supports a robust population of the endangered snow leopard but its conservation-research data is not shared and doesn't contribute to the global efforts to conserve the species, whose numbers worldwide are estimated at between 4,080 and 8,700. The country needs to be more transparent, a US biologist has said.

Lunar eclipse on August 7-8

New Delhi,  Indians will be able to see the Penumbral and Partial lunar eclipse on the night of August 7-8.

Rainy Monday morning in Delhi

New Delhi,  It was a rainy Monday morning here with the minimum temperature recorded at 27.8 degrees Celsius.

In two years solar energy for residential sector would be cheaper than electricity grid: Solar players

New Delhi,  In the next two years, solar power will be cheaper than the electricity grid in the residential sector, says solar energy provider SunSource Energy which on Monday successfully implemented the first two phases of a 100 MW solar project in South East Asia.

Sunny Sunday morning in Delhi, rains likely

New Delhi,  It was a sunny Sunday morning in the national capital with the minimum temperature recorded at 26.5 degrees Celsius, a notch below the season's average.

Cloudy Wednesday morning in Delhi

New Delhi, It was a cloudy Wednesday morning here with the minimum temperature recorded at 28 degrees Celsius, one notch above the season's average, the weather office said.

9-member panel to prepare final draft of National Education Policy

New Delhi, After virtually dumping the report of an earlier committee, the Human Resource Development Ministry on Monday constituted a nine-member panel headed by eminent space scientist K. Kasturirangan to prepare the final draft of the National Education Policy.

New technology makes electricity from urine, kills bacteria

London,  Researchers have developed a system which can generate electricity from urine -- enough to charge a mobile phone -- and also kill bacteria harmful to humans, an advance that could be harnessed to treat wastewater.

US students mine for water at NASA's 'Mars Ice Challenge'

Washington, As part of plans for long-term human survival on Mars, NASA this week held a competition in which students from seven US universities demonstrated various drilling technologies to extract water from simulated Martian subsurface ice.

Researchers discover 2-D magnet for first time

San Francisco, A team of researchers has for the first time discovered magnetism in the 2-D world of monolayers, or materials that are formed by a single atomic layer.

Pleasant Sunday morning in Delhi

New Delhi, It was a pleasant Sunday morning in Delhi with the minimum temperature recorded at 25.5 degrees Celsius, three notches below the season's average.

Lost temple discovered after 1,000 years in China

Beijing,  Archaeologists have excavated a temple in China's Chengdu city, around 1,000 years after it was deemed to have been lost, officials said on Sunday.

India's heaviest rocket with GSAT-19 all set for maiden flight

Chennai, India's heaviest rocket -- Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle-Mark III (GSLV-Mk III) -- is all set for its maiden flight into space along with a communications satellite on Monday evening as its countdown of 25 hours and 30 minutes began at 3.58 p.m. on Sunday, an official of the Indian space agency said.

Himalayan hand in December 2004 tsunami that killed 250,000

Bengaluru,  Scientists have found that Himalayas played a role in the generation of magnitude-9.2 Sumatran earthquake on December 26, 2004, which, together with the massive tsunami that followed, killed more than 250,000 people -- making it one of the deadliest natural disasters in history.

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