Climate progress in India brightens hopes for Bonn

Just a few years ago, India relied almost exclusively on coal to fuel its rapid development, opening new coal-burning power plants and increasing coal mining and imports. This year, however, in a remarkable turnaround, India cancelled plans for an additional 14 gigawatts of coal power and announced that it won't build any new coal plants for at least a decade -- thanks to a rapid rise in renewable energy.

Poor nations seek finances for climate plans

BONN: Ahead of the UN climate summit that aims to keep the global average rise in temperatures below two degrees Celsius, a group of 47 poorest nations has sought money to achieve their climate plans and protect people from the devastating impact of climate change.

New method to gauge onset and end of Indian monsoon

BENGALURU:  Predicting the behaviour of the Indian monsoon -- with all its complexities and factors that influence it -- has always been an annual gamble. For generations, scientists have struggled to produce a model for reliably predicting the duration and other parameters of the monsoon on a fine scale. Now, a team led by an Indian-origin scientist at the Florida State University (FSU) in the US has created a new methodology "for objectively defining the onset and demise of the Indian summer monsoon" at any location in the country.

Dell Technologies to invest $1 billion in IoT R&D

NEW DELHI: Unveiling its Internet of Things (IoT) vision and strategy, Dell Technologies on Thursday said it will invest $1 billion in new IoT products, solutions, labs, partner programmes and ecosystem over the next three years.

Encroachments at Delhi's Anand Vihar bus terminal adding to air pollution

NEW DELHI:  An environmental authority on Tuesday said excessive encroachments, poor garbage management and wrong parking of vehicles near Delhi's Anand Vihar bus terminal were aggravating the poor air quality in one of the worst polluted regions of the capital.

Space station to get new wardrobe for science payloads

WASHINGTON: The International Space Station (ISS) is set to get a new Boeing-built wardrobe to house increasing in-orbit science payloads.

New paper-based test can diagnose Zika in 20 minutes

NEW YORK: Scientists have developed a new paper-based test that can diagnose Zika infection within 20 minutes as well as accurately distinguish Zika virus from related viruses like Dengue.

India needs to be more transparent in snow leopard conservation: US biologist

Cartagena (Colombia),  India supports a robust population of the endangered snow leopard but its conservation-research data is not shared and doesn't contribute to the global efforts to conserve the species, whose numbers worldwide are estimated at between 4,080 and 8,700. The country needs to be more transparent, a US biologist has said.

Lunar eclipse on August 7-8

New Delhi,  Indians will be able to see the Penumbral and Partial lunar eclipse on the night of August 7-8.

Rainy Monday morning in Delhi

New Delhi,  It was a rainy Monday morning here with the minimum temperature recorded at 27.8 degrees Celsius.

In two years solar energy for residential sector would be cheaper than electricity grid: Solar players

New Delhi,  In the next two years, solar power will be cheaper than the electricity grid in the residential sector, says solar energy provider SunSource Energy which on Monday successfully implemented the first two phases of a 100 MW solar project in South East Asia.

Sunny Sunday morning in Delhi, rains likely

New Delhi,  It was a sunny Sunday morning in the national capital with the minimum temperature recorded at 26.5 degrees Celsius, a notch below the season's average.

Cloudy Wednesday morning in Delhi

New Delhi, It was a cloudy Wednesday morning here with the minimum temperature recorded at 28 degrees Celsius, one notch above the season's average, the weather office said.

9-member panel to prepare final draft of National Education Policy

New Delhi, After virtually dumping the report of an earlier committee, the Human Resource Development Ministry on Monday constituted a nine-member panel headed by eminent space scientist K. Kasturirangan to prepare the final draft of the National Education Policy.

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