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Hillary Clinton's second Presidential bid: An autopsy

Title: Shattered - Inside Hillary Clinton's Doomed Campaign; Author: Jonathan Allan & Amie Parnes; Publisher: Crown/Penguin Random House US; Pages: 482; Price: Rs 799

How a once shy girl became Tamil Nadu's 'Amma' (Book Review)

Title: Jayalalithaa - A Journey; Authors: Papri Sri Raman and Renu Kaul Verma; Publishers: Vitasta; Pages: 200; Price: Rs 3,995

A trenchant tale of Trump's triumph

Title: Pussy; Author: Howard Jacobson; Publisher: Jonathan Cape/Penguin Random History; Pages: 192; Price: Rs 599

A comic book to boost forces' morale in Kashmir

The 2001 attack on the Srinagar airport is the subject of the 10th illustrated comic book brought out by the CRPF, aimed at boosting the morale of the paramilitary forces in Jammu and Kashmir.

Akshay Kumar launches book on 'Veerappan'

Actor Akshay Kumar, says he was honoured to launch a book written by IPS officer K. Vijay Kumar on executed bandit Veerappan.

The man and his mission: Many facets of India's 'Metro Man'

Title: India's Railway Man; Author: Rajendra B. Aklekar; Publisher: Rupa; Price: Rs 295; Pages: 253

Of mysteries, love and junk

Flick through highlights of speculative reasons of most foul murders and most unfortunate deaths in the country, read the love story of a girl who is yet to decide whether her upcoming wedding is the right thing to do or if she has to look at the other option. Also, read about how to finally let go of stuff that is holding you back.

Islamabad Literature Festival starts on Friday

The fifth Islamabad Literary Festival (ILF) is set to begin on Friday to celebrate and analyse 70 years of literature in Pakistan, the media reported on Thursday.

Government-RBI tango that set the stage for note ban

Book: Dialogue of the Deaf: The Government and the RBI; Author: T.C.A. Srinivasa Raghavan, Publisher: Tranquebar; Pages 290; Price Rs 599

When righting news reports, get it write

I just spelled a word so badly that even autocorrect was like, "Sorry, man, I got nothin'".

A world of good news: Countries that overcame major problems

Title: The Fix: How Nations Survive and Thrive in a World in Decline; Author: Jonathan Tepperman; Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing; Pages: 320; Price: Rs 499

A classic on meditation

Title: A Million Thoughts; Author: Om Swami; Publisher: Jaico; Pages: 334; Price: Rs 350.

The incredible journey from Dalip Rana to The Great Khali

Book: The Man Who Became Khali; Author: Dalip Singh Rana with Vinit K Bansal; Publisher: Penguin; Price: Rs 250; Pages: 178

Novel set in WW-II era launched in Capital

A haunting novel of love, passion and betrayal, set in the Second World War era with a thematic reference to Indias freedom struggle was launched in the Capital on Monday evening.

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