WHO Chief Scientist says India's COVID-19 figures worrying, calls for exercises to report actual numbers

Geneva [Switzerland], May 11 (ANI): As India is in the grasp of a devastating second wave of COVID-19, World Health Organisation (WHO) Chief Scientist Soumya Swaminathan on Monday (local time) termed the rate of infections and deaths in the country as "worrying" and called on governments to boost exercises on reporting actual numbers.

Good governance and Delhi win, divisive politics gets defeated

 Arvind kejriwal’s third landslide victory, with bagging 62 seats, only 5 less than the last election and BJP shrinking to only 8 seats (by 6:10PM) proves that it is a victory of good governance and defeat of hollow and shallow politics, which is issueless and only plays with the emotions of the People.

Opposition unity needs more effort to bring Mayawati on board

The Bharatiya Janata Party's (BJP) 4-1 defeat in the Karnataka by-elections has further lengthened the list of the party's reverses in more than 20 by-polls spread across Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, West Bengal, Kerala, Punjab, Maharashtra and elsewhere.

Sabarimala: BJP stirs religious cauldron while Congress stokes the fire

My own experience of Sabarimala causes me to rub my eyes with disbelief at the spectacle of what poet Niaz Haider called "badsoorat siyasat", not quite the same as ugly politics. I owe my visit to Sabarimala in 1982 entirely to Bob Murari, the distinguished IAS officer of Tamil Nadu cadre who, along with his brothers, undertook the pilgrimage annually to wash off his sins.

India can save more than 50 per cent electricity usage through LEDs

As per the United States Department of Energy (US-DOE), lighting causes 5-6 per cent of the overall Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions globally. Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) can greatly help in mitigating the adverse effects of GHG emissions. They consume 80-85 per cent less electricity than conventional lighting sources and have much higher operating lifetimes (more than 50,000 hours). Unlike the preceding generation of lights, such as Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs), LEDs release zero mercury toxicity into the environment.

A Quirky Karwa Chauth

I never understood the concept of Karwa Chauth, how someone’s hunger can add extra years to one’s life?

Consumption economy & infrastructure: Two sides of same coin

Driven by rising incomes and steady growth, consumption patterns of e-commerce, mobile data, entertainment and consumer goods will see an uptick in India. World-class infrastructure is needed to enable these rising levels of consumption.

State of Indian economy: Is it time to go bearish?

Less than a year to the general election is a tricky time for setting a stable economic narrative. The government will glorify its achievements. The opposition will skew comparisons against its own track record, preferring to affirm how things used to be "much better".

China Garden -- a success story that could have been scripted by Bollywood

ATTN EDITORS: "Secret Sauce" is an in-depth look at 40 of India's most iconic and successful restaurants, not just as landmarks and must-visit destinations but also as businesses that have stood the test of time and upheld their standards of dining and culinary excellence. From a 100-year-old no-frills eatery in Bengaluru to an award-winning dine-out venue in Delhi, from inventive cafes to nationwide chains that have scaled admirably, this book is a sumptuous treat for aspiring food entrepreneurs, foodies, and anyone interested in the success secrets and inner workings of the restaurant business in India. We bring you the first of two exclusive extracts.

BJP co-opts the Congress in Tripura, develops opportunism to a fine art

Prima facie, it can seem that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has been able to achieve its objective of ushering in a Congress-mukt (free) India in the northeast, especially in Tripura, by being in a position to come to power in at least two of the three states which went to the polls last month.

PR companies- The Master in making Public Image of Parties and Leaders: Atul Malikram

Nowadays there is an increase in competition among the companies. Marketing is been done to promote their product best in the market, that why in a strategic point of view there is an increase in Public Relation Companies.

'It all began with that dinner where the milk played truant'

I had admired K.R. Meera's extraordinary talent as a writer -- the mesmerising wordplay and magical imagination -- long before I became her translator. In my wordpress blog, I often translate Malayalam poetry and post articles about literature.

Alternative Care for Children necessary in South Asia

January 17, 2018 marked a historic day for children who do not have the privilege of being cared for directly by their biological parents or extended families in the state of Maharashtra.

Jaipur is perfect for the world's most egalitarian book festival: William Dalrymple

The ZEE Jaipur Literature Festival is a unique celebration of writing that has grown into something far bigger and more wonderful than anything we could ever have hoped when we first conceived of this Festival 11 years ago.

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