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Obese teens more likely to face and instigate bullying, claims study

ANI | June 11, 2019 02:31 PM
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WASHINGTON: Obesity among teens not only increases the likelihood of being bullied but also amplifies chances of them perpetrating bullying, when compared to healthy teens, a recent study has claimed.

According to the study published in the journal 'Childhood Obesity', overweight or obese adolescents who are either victims or perpetrators of bullying, or both, have significantly greater odds of having depression, behavioral problems, and difficulty making friends.

"While it is clear that as a group the obese have been more involved in bullying than other groups, it has not been clear the extent to which the obese are the victims of bullying or the source? In a large nationally representative sample, Rupp and McCoy determined that the obese were both victims and perpetrators, after controlling for likely confounders," said 'Childhood Obesity' Editor-in-Chief Tom Baranowski.

"Thus, programmes for the obese need to address both bullying victimization and perpetration."

The researchers first compared bullying behavior among obese and healthy weight teens where they found significant differences for bullying victimization and both being a victim and a perpetrator.

The second component of the study involved comparing obese teens who were either victims, perpetrators, or both and their likelihood of experiencing behavioral conduct problems, depression, and excessive arguing, and having difficulty making friends. 


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