Jagmeet Brar demands 13 seats, AAP expresses inability to oblige

Punjab Tribune Bureau | December 18, 2016 02:44 PM

JALANDHAR: While Bains brothers managed to get the ‘best deal’ from Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) for forging an alliance after getting six seats in their kitty, State Head of Congress'>Trinamul Congress is finding it tough to get his ‘Pie’ of seat sharing, as AAP has refused to oblige him.


Sources said that Brar is demanding as many as 13 seats from AAP for forging alliance and AAP has refused to give even half of the demanded seat to TMC.


In a bargaining mode, Brar has already aired his idea of contesting the poll by TMC independently, but it seems that AAP is in no mood to budge and left Brar to finalise his political strategy on his own, sources said.


Brar was given due respect by AAP, but demand of 13 seats would not be possible to be accepted by the AAP, which has already announced candidates on more than 100 seats, sources added.


Meanwhile, Former Congress leader Jagmeet Brar, now the ad hoc state president of the TMC, today said the party was in process of setting up its base in the state and would be contesting the elections.


Inaugurating the first TMC’s office in the state in Patiala on Saturday Brar said the leadership had been making serious efforts to forge a pact with AAP as it would be impossible for either of them to win the coming elections against the “corrupt” SAD-BJP and the Congress on their own.


Brar has reportedly said if they entered into an alliance with AAP, they would seek 12 to 15 seats. “If we fail to reach any agreement, the TMC will get in touch with Sucha Singh Chhotepur and Dr Dharamvira Gandhi,” he added.

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