Finally, poster of “Marg Darshak” Advani spotted in BJP rally at Jalandhar

Rajeev Bhaskar | December 21, 2016 08:28 PM

JALANDHAR: “Brand Modi”, which BJP opted to promoted since 2014 today found another “Poster Boy” i.e “Marg Darshak” LK Advani, who was prominently spotted in the BJP’s Dalit rally here along with the posters of former PM LK Advani and national president of BJP Amit Shah.

Interestingly, poster of Advani was never seen in the BJP’s function recently held in poll-bound Punjab. Latter or sooner, BJP leaders realised that they cannot ignore the “Marg Darshak” Advani.

Poster of Advani was spotted right in the middle of empty chairs in the rally.

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