Kinds of windows suitable in summer season

Punjab Tribune Bureau | March 30, 2020 01:33 PM
Punjab Tribune Bureau

20% of the heat is absorbed by only windows in summer,

 CHANDIGARH: Heat can cause extreme exhaustion which can be dangerous for the human body. The longer time spent in the heat, the more serious effects can be seen on the human body; like increase in body temperature, heavy sweating, dehydration, headache and various other disease symptoms.

A child’s body temperature rises faster as compared to the adults, it puts them into a high risk of heatstroke.  Experts advised staying majorly inside the home in summers to avoid any kind of health risk.


Home is supposed to be a cool place to relief, especially in the summer. Windows being the biggest opening in the house, plays an important role as interior as well as exterior furniture, they provide light in home and ventilation to the house. But it should be noticed that 35% of the heat escapes through in and around windows and doors.


 Windows which are energy efficient and are double glazed consisting of two or more glass panes by a vacuum or gas-filled space to reduce the heat are more preferable. A person should opt windows like tilt and turn, casement, top hung, sliding, French and various type ofUPVC windows. Such kinds of windows are not only energy-efficient but also have the quality to resist the heat, are acoustic, have thermal insulation property.


The right selection of glass is as important as the right selection of windows for home. The right glass for the window not only helps in energy efficiency but lowers the overall energy costs as well. Factors like climatic condition, the sound insulation requirement, surrounding environment condition and safety requirement determine the selection of the right type of glass option for UPVC windows for all season.


A healthy human body can survive up to 37 degree Celsius, where windows have the ability to expand up to 40 degree Celsius of heat and even the frames can also expand up to 2.4cm.


As the environment warms-up, the human body tends to warm-up as well. The body's internal maintains a constant inner body temperature by pumping more blood to the skin and by increasing sweat production. In this way, the body increases the rate of heat loss to balance the heat burden. In a very hot environment, the rate of "heat gain" is more than the rate of "heat loss" and the body temperature begins to rise. A rise in the body temperature results in heat illnesses.

























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