"Shocking in the extreme" Now Rahul Gandhi likens Guru Nanak Devji's Hand with the congress symbol : SAD

Punjab Tribune Bureau | January 11, 2017 07:30 PM

Chandigarh : The Shiromani Akali Dal  todday described as "shocking in the extreme and unpardonable"the Congress leader Rahul Gandhi 's statement , in which he had drawn a comparison between the "killer Hand of the Congress party and the holiest  image of Gur Nanak Dev ji's hand  of benevolence as depicted in many paintings of the great Guru".The SAD maintained that the Rahul Gandhi speech had grievously hurt the religious sentiments of the  devout believers and followers of Great Guru Nanak Dev ji the world over.


SAD asks Rahul to apologise.

Tells amarinder and other cong sikhs to dissociate themselves from this speech.


  The party also  asked Captain Amarinder Singh and other Sikh leaders in the Congress to express their strongest disapproval of Rahul Gandhi's  sacrilegious statement calling it the  "the most horrendous comparison which no one in his senses would ever dare to draw, " said the senior Akkali leader and SAD Secretary General Sardar Sukhdev Singh Dhindsa

" Has he lost his mind, really? Was he even in his senses when he made that most shocking speech ? It is too shocking to   even believe  that Rahul Gandhi actually compared the bloody hand of his party with the divine hand of Guru Nanak Sahib," said mr Dhindsa ,

The senior Akali leader  was reacting to a speech by  Mr Rahull Gandhi in New Delhi today in which  the Congress leader declared " When I see the image of Guru Nanak Dev ji, I see the Congress symbol, Hand, in his hand." "Rahul should also have remembered that the Congress hand is spattered with the blood of thousands of  innocent Sikhs who follow the teachings of the great Guru and dedicate their lives to his great legacy,. Does he know how Guru Sahib had actually shown blood dripping from the food offered to  him by the tyrant rich, Malik Bhago. The same is true of the Congress symbol of Hand," said the senior Akali leader

Mr Dhindsa said that it was beyond anybody's wildest imagination that the Congress party and its leaders would once again indulge in such outrageous acts of disrespect to our great gurus and their legacy.

The SAD Secretary General said   that Captain Amaridner SIngh as a Sikh should come clean on this issue.  "All Sikhs in the Congress party should openly declare their opposition to this comparison. They must dissociate themselves from this remark and must demonstrate that their first allegiance is to  the great Gurus and not to the Gandhi family or its scion, Rahul," said Mr Dhindsa.

 The Akali leader said that earlier the AAP leaders had compared holy Sri Guru Granth Sahib with their party manifesto and had even committed the ultimate sacrilege of putting a pic of jhaadoo, their party symbol, on the sacred image of Sachkhand Sri Harmandar Sahib.

 "These paties and leaders must stop showing disrespect to our great Gurus, our immortal Word of the Guru, the Gurbani and to   the sacred symbols of our religion

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