Lohri celebration organises at The Nobel School

Punjab Tribune Bureau | January 12, 2017 03:20 PM

JALANDHAR: Lohri is the most popular festival in the state of Punjab.BesidesPunjab, this festival is celebrated world wide by the Punjabi community.

The Nobel School celebrated its second Lohri, in the school campus with lots of exuberance and fanfare.The students were totally absorbed in the festive spirit of Lohri.The celebration was done under the able guidance of the dance teacher Mrs. RashmiKohli. The venue was tastefully decorated by the art teacher Miss Jyoti and SonuMaam. The celebration was done with great pomp and show.Punjabi educator, Mrs. Bajinder Rani, enthraulled everybody by narrating the tale regarding the celebration.Students sang “Deh Shiva VarMohe” with enthusiasm and began the celebration. The girls performed the traditional folk dance “Giddha” and boys did the”Bhangra”. The children had a gala time as they danced around the holy bonfire and offered their prayers for the prosperity of the nation.They were taken in air of festivity during the celebration.

The Chairman of the school Prof.C.L.Kochher, on this occasion said that the best part of Lohri celebration is that people now celebrate this festival for  girls.Earlier the boys were the centre of attraction,but now

The girls are walking hand in hand with the boys. The girls today play a vital role in building up a strong nation. Whether defence , doctors or any other field.He praised the staff and students  for their sincere efforts regarding the celebration. He also said that the festival provides  opportunity to interact with friends and family which leads to communal harmony and peace.

Fun and frolic, enchanting of folk songs and sweet faces of studentsbraught life back! Tiny tots of the school relished the sweets and peanuts, which our  Managing Director Er. Kumar Shiv Kocher himself distributed! He was totally in a festive mood and sang and danced on the traditional folk songs.The Director of the school Mrs. RanjnaSud and Principal Mrs. Meenakshi Mehta were also present at the occasion.

Thus, the never ending celebration was enjoyed by one and all.

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