Innocent Hearts celebrates “International day of the Girl child”

Punjab Tribune Bureau | October 11, 2017 07:57 PM

JALANDHAR: A number of activities were conducted at Innocent Hearts (G.M.T.,
Loharan and C.J.R.) where the importance of women empowerment
was emphasized to the students. In addition to that the changes in their
bodies according to their age, were explained to them and they were
told regarding the effects they were likely to feel. Tips were given to
the students regarding sufficient food and necessary nutrition required
by their bodies to maintain good health. On this occasion a movie,
”Komal” directed by the C.B.S.E. was screened for the students and the
meaning of ‘good touch’ and ‘bad touch’ was explained by the teachers
at the same time. It was reiterated that they must share everything that
happens, with their family. They were told that due to hormonal
changes there will be many alterations in their bodies. During this time
they must try to maintain their energy levels by taking appropriate
vitamins in required quantity. The girl students were told that they
must set a time table keeping in mind the maintenance of ‘Health and
Hygiene’ to ensure that they consume sufficient amount of fruits and
vegetables. Vice-Principal Ms. Sharmila Nakra explained the importance
of these to the children and stressed that they must make their bodies
strong. She said that they must behave very well with their parents so
that any topic could be discussed with them. Ms. Preeti Malhotra
conducted the stage.

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