Sidhu raises voice against all political parties, but fails to raise his own political front

Rajeev Bhaskar | September 08, 2016 06:17 PM

CHANDIGARH: Much awaited press conference of cricketer-turned-Politician, Navjot Sidhu left media with more queries than what Sidhu answered, as Sidhu did not clear the air whether he would launch the fourth front or not and even did not reveal whether he was still member of BJP.

Accompanied with former Indian Hockey Captain and suspended SAD MLA Pargat Singh and Independent MLAs Simarjit Singh Bains and Balwinder Singh Bains, Sidhu bombarded media with bashing of almost all political parties and his first target was BJP.

When asked whether he is still in BJP, Sidhu smartly evaded a direct reply and said “You ask it from BJP”. Even on the formation of fourth political front Awaaz-e-Punjab (AeP), Sidhu said “So far AeP is only a forum and whether it will be converted into a political front, I will clear it after next 15 to 20 days”.

Highlights of Sidhu’s Press Conference:  

  • I was used as decoration piece by BJP and AAP also wanted this from me, said Navjot Singh Sidhu
  • AAP has come to Punjab as East India Company with the policy of divide & rule.
  • AAP wanted Me to campaign only and offered my wife to be made minister.
  • To launch political party within 15/20 days. Till than Awaaz-e-Punjab is just a forum.
  • In Punjab Govt works only for a single family.
  • Congress and SAD are two sides of same coin.

It seems that after announcing the front of “Hum do Hamare Do” (comprising Two former sportspersons and two brothers), Sidhu is yet to make ground to take off as political front, as most of the expected ‘incomers’ have raised political confusion, like rebel MPs of AAP have categorically denied in indulging in personality politics and rebel convener of AAP sought time before taking any decision to join Sidhu’s AeP.

Another possible incumbent of AeP, Jagmeet Brar has already declared his support to Aam Aadmi Party.

 “BJP wanted to use me a decoration piece and instructed me to campaign in support of Akalis or forget Punjab”, Sidhu said revealing that his resignation from Rajya Sabha was nothing to do with Kejriwal and Aam Aadmi Party (AAP).

“How could I be away from Amritsar, which made me MP four times? What was my fault, is demanding development of Amritsar was a fault?, Sidhu quipped recalling how as an MP he was ignored by SAD leaders.

Punjab me kale Badal mandra rahe hai, par baraste nahi”, Sidhu said while referring to Badal family adding that here in Punjab Government works only for a single family (Badal family).

Shifting his gun towards PPCC Chief Captain Amarinder Singh, Sidhu said he sent at least 35 to 40 persons to him with an invitation to join Congress. “Congress and Akalis are two sides of the same coin”, Sidhu said while raising a self-question how could he join the Congress, which was equally responsible for ruining Punjab.

“Who doesn’t know who opposed the CBI probe into the multi-crore drug racket and why? Sidhu quipped adding that when as many as 42 leaders were demanding CBI probe, only Captain Amarinder Singh was opposing it.

“Moreover it is time for retirement of Captain Amarinder Singh, who is nearing 80, as Government also retire a person after the age of 60”, Sidhu said.

Now it was the turn of AAP on Sidhu’s radar, as he claimed that he never approached AAP, rather it were AAP leaders, who approached him. “Let me clear that my resignation from Rajya Sabha was nothing to do with AAP or Kejriwal”, Sidhu clarified.

Terming the Arvind Kejriwal’s tweet that Sidhu did not put any pre-condition, as half-truth, Sidhu said “I just asked Kejriwal to define my role and he told me to campaign in Punjab and in lieu of that he would make my wife as Cabinet Minister”.

“How can I remain as a piece of decoration, due to which I resigned from Rajya Sabha”, Sidhu said adding that it seems that Kejriwal has an impression that he is the only honest person in this country.

Quoting Pargat Singh, who was sitting next to him, Sidhu said “On AAP, Pargat told me that AAP is not less than East India Company, which came in Punjab with a policy of divide & rule”.

However, Sidhu conspicuously did not make much scathing attack on AAP and told media to wait at least 15 to 20 days for final formation of Fourth Front in Punjab.


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