Sarna accept debate challenge of officiating President on financial deficit in schools, educational institutions and DSGMC.

Punjab Tribune Bureau | December 06, 2017 07:56 PM
NEW DELHI: The Shiromani Akali Dal Delhi President Paramjit Singh Sarna termed those allegations of the officiating President of the DSGMC as ridiculous and said that for constant financial deficit in the schools, educational institutions, and Committee, it is result of illegitimate expenses and overseas leisure tours by the Badal team controlling the affairs of the DSGMC. He further said that we (Sarna) cannot be blamed for it. He said that if anything illegal would have established related to his (Sarna) tenure, why Manjit Singh G.K. & Sirsa kept silent for the last five years? and today when they have made the treasury of DSGMC bankrupt, they are creating an illusion of recruitment of surplus staff and depriving the school employees of their genuine rights.


Sarna said that in the year 2013, when G.K. & Sirsa took over the management of the DSGMC, the committee had about 120 crores F.D.R'S. Soon after taking over the management they had purchased dozens expensive luxury cars for themselves, travelled in charted Helicopters and Airplanes, made various leisure trips to Canada, USA, Italy and other countries. Today miscellaneous office expenses of the DSGMC have crossed Rs. 3.50 Crores for the year (2016-2017) and Rs 38 lakhs paid to the Charted Accountant annually for auditing of DSGMC accounts. But employees of schools and educational institutions are getting salaries after 3 to 4 months gap. He said that GK. & Sirsa instead of providing legitimate salaries to the school employees, paying huge fee to expensive Senior lawyers for persuasion of cases against Badal Dal in Patna Courts.

Sarna said that GK and Sirsa's Personal Assistants (P.A.) have kept further two PA's under them, who are provided vehicles and drivers by the DSGMC, which cost lacs of rupees a month. In addition to this, GK and Sirsa had given promotions to their favorites without considering their qualifications, whereas other senior and many qualified employees are being deliberately ignored. He further said that in 2013, the total salary of the DSGMC staff was     Rs. 1.25 crores, which has presently increased to Rs.3.50 crores.  

 Sarna said that during our tenure, we had given in writing to Delhi government in 2013 that from March 2013, the employees of our schools will be given salary according to the Sixth Pay Commission and the government had agreed on this. But after the elections, the Badal Dal did not make any heed to pay salaries to the employees of the schools according to the Sixth Pay Commission from March 2013, due to which the staff filed a Contempt Petition in the Delhi High Court, and the Court not only ordered for payment of salary in terms of Sixth Pay Commission but also arrears. If G.K. & Sirsa would have started paying salary to the school staff from March-2013 as promised by us then schools might have faced a few lakhs financial burden. But after the Court orders liability of Rs. 100 crores arrears was slapped. He further said that if GK and Sirsa would have started paying salary to the school staff according to Sixth Pay Commission from March-2013 as per affidavit submitted by us in the High Court, then today's situation was not going to arise. But GK and Sirsa kept engaged themselves in plundering and siphoning of Golak and institutions funds and did not pay attention to the employees that compelled employees to approach to the Court under contempt Petition, which was result of their administrative failure, but trying to put blame on us.

 Sarna Said that G.K. And Sirsa forced the school staff to agree on 40% arrears of the Sixth Pay Commission and left 60%, on which most of the staff agreed and also submitted their affidavits to the DSGMC. But G.K. & Sirsa used school and Golak funds in election campaign for the Badal Party in Punjab and again betrayed with school and institution employees by not paying them instalments of the arrears.  Now whenever employees demanded for their legitimate rights, G.K. & and Sirsa has one unique reply of lack of funds. Sarna said that outstanding arrears of the Sixth Pay Commission can be delayed, but why the monthly salaries have been hold for three months? GK and Sirsa do not have reply to it. That's why at the face of the media they blamed recruitment of over staff during our term. He said that the employees are well aware that their money has been drained in political arena; therefore, employees of the schools are compelled for holding strikes in schools and other educational institutions.


Sarna asked G.K & Sirsa that if lakhs of rupees are being collected as fee from the students of schools, then why employees are not being timely paid monthly salaries. He said apart from this, under the Right to Information Act information regarding details of the recruitments made during their five years tenure was also sought from G.K. & Sirsa but they were not replying, because such information will expose the recruitment of surplus staff by them during their term. He said that if the Officiating President is so eager for debate without waiting for G.K.'s return from abroad, we are willing for it in public domain and date, time and place be informed to us for debate in the presence of Sikh Sangat in Lakhi Shah Vanjara Hall. So that illusion of Badal Dal created before the Sangat should be exposed.  

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