RAVNEET SANGHA/ An eminent social worker | September 28, 2016 04:42 PM

JALANDHAR: I’ve been all wrong, entirely, completely wrong. I’ve been crying myself hoarse over all the wrong reasons. Wake up, show the inner strength, the spirit, and the jazba, save Punjab, and revive the spirit of the martyrs and the freedom fighters to make the state and then the country a better place. In fact, slowly over the years I realized it was the neighbor hood that I needed to start with and then see the change that we all so wanted.

But, it just took a small bump to the head that made me realize that I was wrong. The bump happened in reality and it made me understand what we were lacking. It was the fiber that was missing in us, that made us what we were. We have become constipated to such an extent that we were all clogged and full of it with our own ideas and beliefs that all the values, the traditional morals that we as Punjabis, Indian s had trickled down to nothing.

I do intend all the puns here. The fact that we, the society, the politicians and even the children revive and resurrect the name of the freedom fighters to garner votes and then to shelf them till the next important anniversary shows the degradation of all of us. From a nation of brave hearts, brave soldiers, freedom fighters, who have all struggled and shaped the country today to what it is, we have been reduced to a country that sucks like a parasite on former glory, leeches on them and their heroism to get the maximum mileage; translate into votes. A country where acid attacks are far getting far more common, violent stabbing of a woman if she says no, to imposing all sorts of restrictions on her because she was enticing and tempting a man to molest her and commit rape, we have come a long way where its own Gurus gave up their lives to save the distress of women.

What is missing? Nothing you and I say is ever going to make a difference. It’s not the moral fiber; it’s the fibre that is lacking on our diet s.

All, they ever need to do is give Isabgol as a mandatory ration to every person and voila! The clogged drains would be open and well the rest I leave to imagination. Imagine, (heavily borrowing from John Lennon)  a country where we all are free , we all have no boundaries and we are free to live , not judged by caste , color , creed .

Ever year, maybe half of our working year we bring up the name of our martyrs so we can create a sympathetic vote bank to capture the votes. The fact that we remember these freedom fighters is to invoke a subconscious guilt in the mind so that we may vote for the person or the political party to appease and assuage our own mind set . The colors, the turbans, the garlnds and the meetings are held to impress upon the voter , who saldy enough is so constipated and has a blocked mind that all is bounced upon him and he refuses to think for himself just meekly goes along with who ever impacts him the most or makes him go down the nostalgia trip.

For you and me and all of us, the missing fiber can be found in the isabgol husk that instead of being exported should be distributed free so that we all have a sound movement .It all just boils down to the diet you see, kick the junk out , eat healthy and eat your greens and think straight and also stop resorting to resurrecting the freedom as and when you think it suits you . Political party’s are started on his birthplace , when it suits the politician , his lines are used to invoke and inspire and make the public collect in a frenzy . Don’t let him be a crowd puller, respect him instead and one would be amazed at his revolutionary ideas !


To use Bhagat Singh , time and again to again influence the voter and to draw him to vote for a party that is closest to him , is not what he wanted. He would have been pained, if he was alive to see what his state has become . Respect that and show some gumption values with a helping of Isabgl , if you please. Telephone brand works the best.

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