Unwelcome doorway to historic Nurmahal Sarai

Dilbag singh | December 16, 2018 05:18 PM

Nurmahal: Although the Nagar Council had passed a resolution to save Nurmahal Sarai, its approach road has been transformed into a parking site. The council had passed a unanimous resolution some time ago to act against those who have raised unauthorized construction around the historical Sarai.

The council had installed “No-Parking” signboards at approach road a few months ago and has asked the police to install a permanent checkpoint to stop parking but the soft approach of the administration has again led the vendors and shopkeepers to encroach upon the approach road to Nurmahal Sarai, a protected monument. It has again become a parking site for every vehicle owner is in the area.
 Vegetable and Fruit juice vendors in alleged connivance with government officials have installed temporary stalls on the approach road. Some businessmen selling building materials have blatantly placed hardware in front of
their shops.

With the onset of winter, the approach road has transformed into an open tavern. Temporary stalls installed on the approach road serve fried fish to people who park their vehicle in front of the Lohari Gate and enjoy drinking without any constraint. Some vendors sell liquor illegally to those who need it in small quantity and want to have fried fish.

Due to encroachments the road leading to the vegetable market also gets choked and leads to traffic jams. NC has taken back its decision to declare approach road to historic Sarai a vehicle free zone from 9 am to 6 pm. The NC has removed an iron rope installed to restrict the movement of vehicles.

NC officials said a yellow line had been marked on both sides of approach road for parking of vehicles. They said that NC has written to SHO to challan those residents who do not park in yellow lines.

But nobody is parking in yellow lines which had been already encroached upon by shopkeepers and stall owners.

Area residents had lodged a complaint with the presidential secretariat in March 2012 against the failure of authorities concerned to remove illegal parking following which approach road was declared no vehicle zone for the limited period.

Residents said NC removed iron rope to restrict the movement of vehicles under political pressure.

SHO Sakandar Singh said that they are challenging residents for wrong parking, but this has no effect on the psychology of residents not to park here

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