Foreign Body can be life endangering

Punjab Tribune Bureau | January 23, 2019 08:06 PM

Dr. H.J.Singh an eminent Chest Physician Bronchoscopist and Chairman of Indian Chest Society Punjab Chapter while addressing a press conference informed that Foreign Bodies especially of groundnut can be lead to serious complications like asthma and some time death even in children who inhale these foreign bodies accidently into their lung Patient namely  Anayka a one year old child presented to this Ranjit Hospital, Jalandhar  in critical condition with respiratory distress  and was cyanosed. Child’s mother told us that the child suddenly choked and stop breathing completely.

But the intelligent lady started with mouth to mouth breathing and thumbing at the back of the child thereby she was able to resuscitate the child on the way to Ranjit Hospital. Dr. Singh decided to remove the suspected foreign body. Peanut was successfully removed with the novel technique of pediatric flexible brochoscopy,  a unique facility available at Ranjit Hospital with Dormia Basket under General Anesthesia. 


Dr.H.J.Singh  give a caution note especially to parents not to feed the small children with peanut & other preferably powdered form may be given under supervision. Foreign bodies can lead on to complication like collapse of lung & Permanent disability if not removed timely. So far during 40 years of experience 125 foreign bodies have been removed successfully at Ranjit Hospital.

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