CT University’s Professor invents Smart Shoes and T-shirt

Punjab Tribune Bureau | April 15, 2019 07:09 PM

LUDHIANA: CT University under the Research and Innovation Centre (RICE) prepared Smart Shoes and Smart T-shirt. Smart shoes vibrate when the individual is not walking properly, wrongly stepping on stairs and standing at a place for more than 15 minutes. Similarly, smart T- shirt vibrates when sitting position is not maintained properly.

Elaborating about the inventions, Dr Harmeet Singh, Assistant Professor, School of Engineering and Technology said, “I got the idea of smart shoes and t-shirt from daily life. We do not focus on our walking, sitting or standing patterns which are actually of an importance to our health. Both the products are a result of team work of students as well. The patent is filed and then the products will be available for sale as finished goods.”

The module of both the products takes a week’s time for preparation and can support USB charging. Both the smart products have sensors and batteries attached.

Dr Harsh Sadawarti, Vice Chancellor, said, “RICE is a promising platform to give hands on experience to the students. Every day, the students are exposed to various tasks that lead to knowledgeable experience. These smart products are duly the hard work of faculty and students. At such initial levels of study, students are getting practically groomed which is indeed the best.”

The upcoming projects under the same venture are to give solar charging to the T-Shirt where the sensor would be embedded in the cloth itself and moreover giving them a module for wireless charging.

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