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State Anti Fraud Unit Issues 15 Show-cause Notices to Hospitals

 Acting on the reports of discrepancies regarding the implementation of Sarbat Sehat Bima Yojna (SSBY), the SAFU (State Anti Fraud Unit) has issued 15 Show-cause Notices to erring Hospitals. SAFU was directed to actively monitor, pursue any instance of fraud/ irregularity observed under the SSBY and take a stringent action, sparing no one for any default/ violation of the guidelines of the scheme. 

All-party meet convened by Capt Amarinder resolves unanimously that GoI should not allow transfer of Punjab’s river water to non-basin areas

Expressing grave concern over the state’s critical water situation, an all-party meeting, chaired by Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh,

Opting plant-based diet benefits health, climate, and economy, study suggests
Auckland [New Zealand], Jan 23 (ANI): A new study suggests that opting for a plant-based diet can come across as a potential option to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, while also helping to improve population health.
Researchers explore tailored wellness care to older adults
Washington D.C. [USA], Jan 22 (ANI): In a recent study, researchers have found that community-based wellness instructors can provide tailored wellness care to older adults.
Study suggests medicinal cannabis may not treat sleep problems in long run

Washington D.C. [USA], Jan 21 (ANI): A recent research has found that medical cannabis may not be able to help treat sleeping problems of people who have chronic pain over the long term.

Study reveals people with inadequate access to food more likely to die prematurely

Washington D.C. [USA], Jan 20 (ANI): According to a recent study, adults with food insecurity and inadequate access to food because of financial constraints are 10 to 37 per cent more likely to die from any cause other than cancer compared to food-secure people.

Narayana Health city performs bloodless bone marrow transplant to save 4-yr-old

Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India], Jan 20 (ANI/NewsVoir): Suffering from Stage IV cancer itself minimises one's chance of recovery. Further, if your beliefs do not approve of certain medical practices then your chances of recovery become even more difficult.

Paras Hospitals, Gurugram performs complex 11cm tumour surgery on 45-year-old woman

Gurugram (Haryana) [India], Jan 20 (ANI/PRNewswire): Paras Hospitals, Gurugram, known for performing multitude of advanced oncology procedures, has become one of the rare hospitals in Delhi and NCR to successfully perform a complex tumour surgery on a 45-year-old patient, Sandhya, from Gurugram who had pain in right side of abdomen due to the presence of an 11 cm tumour arising from inferior venacava (a large vessel taking blood from the lower half of body), involving aorta (the main vessel supplying blood to the whole body) and right kidney.

RG Stone Hospitals leading the industry with technology, human touch: A comprehensive urological care with patient centric approach

New Delhi [India], Jan 20 (ANI/PRNewswire): The urology sector in India has been growing substantially. Earlier a very primitive approach was used to tackle the kidney stone or any other urological diseases. But now with the advent of new technology, it is getting more sophisticated and modern.

Premature menopause can pose risk of multimorbidity, study suggests
Washington D.C. [USA], Jan 20 (ANI): A recent study has revealed that women who experience premature menopause are three times more likely to undergo chronic medical problems in their 60s compared to women who went through the suggested age of menopause.
Cells fight stress with adhesion: Study

Washington D.C. [USA], Jan 19 (ANI): Cell adhesion or cell to cell contact is imperative for the survival of human cells under protein-damaging and stressful conditions, according to a study. It was also revealed that cancer cells become more vulnerable to anti-cancer drugs when their cell adhesion is impaired.

New study finds why men are more cancer prone
Washington D.C. [USA], Jan 19 (ANI): While several health studies have indicated that men are at a higher risk of developing cancer as compared to women, a recent study finds the reason behind higher susceptibility towards this deadly disease. The study has pinpointed the loss of function in certain genes of the sex-determining Y chromosome as a key factor that puts men at higher risk of cancer.
Tara Sharma shares her Mumbai Marathon experience
Mumbai [India], Jan 19 (ANI): Actor Tara Sharma was elated to be a part of the Mumbai Marathon's enthusiasm on Sunday.
Mumbai Marathon: Participant raises concern over attacks on doctors

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], Jan 19 (ANI): Raising the issue of violence against doctors, a participant in the 17th edition of the Tata Mumbai Marathon came dressed up as a beaten-up doctor, demanding protection from attack by patients and their families.

Brain magnetic resonance imaging enhanced through artificial intelligence: Study
Washington D.C. [USA], Jan 19 (ANI): Researchers have designed an unprecedented method that is capable of improving brain images obtained through magnetic resonance imaging using artificial intelligence.
PM Modi condoles death of Ashwini Kumar Chopra, says he was a fearless journalist
New Delhi [India], Jan 18 (ANI): Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday condoled the death of former BJP MP and senior journalist Ashwini Kumar Chopra and said that he would be remembered for his contribution to the media world.
Experiencing violence and adversity at early age can affect the brain

Washington D.C. [USA], Jan 18 (ANI): A research study has shown that childhood adversity is a significant problem in the US, especially for children growing up in poverty. Those who face poverty have a much higher risk of being exposed to violence and suffering from a lack of social support, which can have long-term consequences including higher rates of diabetes, cancer, and other diseases.

Former BJP MP Ashwini Kumar Chopra passes away in Gurugram

Gurugram (Haryana) [India], Jan 18 (ANI): Former BJP MP and senior journalist Ashwini Kumar Chopra passed away here on Saturday. He was 63.

Researchers discover new tumour-driving mutations in under-explored regions of cancer genome
Washington D.C.[USA], Jan 18 (ANI): Researchers have discovered new regions of non-coding DNA that when altered may lead to cancer growth and progression, according to a pan-cancer analysis of whole genomes. The analysis reveals novel mechanisms of disease progression that could lead to new avenues of research and ultimately to better diagnostic tests and precision therapies.
AIIMS Launches Quality Improvement Project with Department of Health and Family Welfare Punjab, National Health Mission, and other Key Public Health Partners to Tackle Hypertension and Diabetes in the Community

The All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) today launched ‘I-TREC’- a platform for Integrated Tracking, Referral, Electronic Decision Support and Care Coordination with Government health facilities. With the launching of this project at District Hospital Nawanshahar,